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Bluffton & Hilton
Head Self Guided Tour
Bluffton Hilton Head Self Guided Tour Map

We will begin this self-guided tour at Exit 8 off of I-95. Off of this exit, you will find a new Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn, a Holiday Inn Express, and some fast food restaurants. This is also the closest hospital (Coastal Carolina) for Hardeeville residents. If you take the road that turns into the hospital and follow it back, you will find Seargent Jasper Park. Seargent Jasper has lakes, a frisbee golf course, and some walking trails.

Sargent Jasper Park has several lakes with walking trails, a gazebo, a frisbee golf course, and lots of photo ops.
The sales center is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm and Sunday from 11:00 to 5:00.
Latitude Margaritaville
Hilton Head

From I-95, Exit 8, head east on 278 towards Hilton Head Island. Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head will be on the left about 2 miles after getting off of I-95. The address for your GPS is 356 Latitude Blvd, Hardeeville, SC 29927. There is a bus that tours the main attractions for the self-guided tour. You will need to register for the bus tour.

There is a bus that tours the main attractions for the self-guided tour. You will need to register for the bus tour.

Margaritaville will no longer allow you to bring in your own representation unless you declare your Realtor on your first visit. If you visit without us, please put The Yost Group down as your Realtor and let us know asap so that we can reach out to them. We can always tour with you as long as we have some notice. So, the best case is to let us know ahead of time, and we will give you an in-depth tour of the community.

The bus will allow you to hop off and on at the Model Park and Town Center. It will drive through the Latitude Lake Clubhouse area. A Community Ambassador will remain on the bus to answer questions and explain the areas. You can also get off and eat at the Bar & Chill (B&C as the locals call it).

Hilton Head Lakes is a very scenic
community. If you golf, this public
course will not disappoint!
Hilton Head Lakes

Directly across from Latitude Margaritaville is Hilton Head Lakes. This community is not age restricted. If you drive down Lakeside Blvd to the traffic circle and take the 2nd exit off of the traffic circle to continue on Lakeside Blvd., you will come to a second traffic circle. Take the first exit off of this traffic circle. Continue until you see the first street on the right (Club Way). Club way will take you to the public golf course, The Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes, and another restaurant called South Wedge. You will also find the model park for Lennar Homes in this area. (The model park is currently under construction)

The Models are open every day, but
hours vary. On Wednesdays, they do
not open until 1:00 pm.
Sun City Hilton Head

Continue down 278 from Latitude Margaritaville and Hilton Head Lakes (towards Hilton Head Island). On the right, you will see the nearest shopping plaza for Margaritaville and Hilton Head Lakes. There is a Walmart, Publix, Ace Hardware, Petsmart, CVS, and several smaller stores and restaurants.

Pass this shopping area and continue down 278. You will see the entrance to Sun City on both the left and the right. Sun City has about 9500 homes with 2000 more coming in Argent East. Some restaurants in Sun City are public; Jamison’s Charhouse is one of them, so stop in for a bite (except for Mondays).

If you want to see the models, you will want to turn left into Sun City. Tell the guard you are going to the models. Go straight past the guard shack to the stop sign. You will see an amenity center (Argent Lakes) at the stop sign. Turn left at this stop, and the models will be down a few hundred yards on the right.

If you complete a registration card, please make sure you include our names on the card and reach out to us. Just as in Margaritaville, we can always tour with you if we have some notice.

Buckwalter is a hub for shopping,
entertainment, and restaurants.
Buckwalter Area

Leaving Sun City, turn left, continuing down 278 towards Hilton Head Island. You will drive over 170 (which takes you to Beaufort to the north and New Riverside to the south). You will come to a traffic light at Buckwalter (just after the Nissan & Acura dealership). Turn right onto Buckwalter.register for the bus tour.

In the first plaza to the right (Berkley Place), there is an AMC Movie Theatre, Outback, Cinco (Mexican), One Hot Mamas (BBQ), and many other small shops and eateries.

Continue down further, and you will find Lowcountry Fresh to the right. Lowcountry Fresh has locally sourced fresh fish, meat, and poultry along with fruits, vegetables, and dry goods. It also has a restaurant for a quick bite.

Continue down just a little further, and you will find Buckwalter Place. Here you will find a Super Kroger, Publix, Frankie Bones, Tios, Chicken Salad Chick, Plantation Cafe, a Bowling Alley, Southern Barrel Brewery, Ace Hardware, and more.

You can either drive through Buckwalter Place and take the 3rd exit off of the traffic circle or remain on Buckwalter and take a right onto Bluffton Parkway (Townes at Buckwalter will be on the left). We are going to head towards the New Riverside area).

The new park in New Riverside will be
in the area where the barn is currently
New Riverside

Continue down Bluffton Parkway towards 170. You will see Hampton Lake on the left and then the back entrance to Lawton Station. Go to the light, Bluffton Parkway & 170, and turn left. Continue down 170. You will find Lawton Station on the Left and Cypress Ridge on the right. Keep going, and you’ll see Palmetto Pointe on the left and Four Seasons at Carolina Oaks on the right. When you get to the traffic circle, if you go right, you are heading towards Savannah. If you take the 2nd exit off of the traffic circle, you are heading into New Riverside. If you take the 3rd exit, you will head towards Old Town Bluffton.

All around you will be growth. This is the newest retail area (Publix, Starbucks) and the area that will house a 300-acre park (in New Riverside on the right just past the traffic circle). For this trip, we will take the 3rd exit off of this traffic circle and head down 46 towards Old Town.

The Montage at Palmetto Bluff is an exclusive resort hotel. It’s where Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin were married.
Old Town Bluffton

Continue down 46 towards Old Town Bluffton. You will pass the entrance to Palmetto Bluff on the right (Montage is located in Palmetto Bluff). Palmetto Bluff is an exclusive community but does have a couple of public restaurants. Buffalo’s and the Octagon are two premiere restaurants in the area.

As you continue down 46, you will pass a few pocket communities. Rose Dhu (on the left) is an equestrian community. Barton’s Run and May River Preserve are residential communities with a little more land and larger homes. Eventually, you will come to a traffic light at the intersection of Buckwalter and 46 (May River Road). If you had continued past Bluffton Parkway earlier in this tour, you would have ended at this intersection. Other communities on Buckwalter Pkwy include Woodbridge, Hampton Hall, Townes at Buckwalter, The Farm, and Pine Ridge. The campus for Bluffton High School and McCracken are also located just off of Buckwalter.

Still heading down 46 (May River Road) towards Old Town, the next intersection is Buck Island and May River Road. If you were to turn onto Buck Island, it would eventually cross Bluffton Parkway and dead ends into 278 (at Belfair).

Continue…you are now going into the “Old Town” area. Old Town will be sprinkled with many small shops and lots of golf carts. When you get into the heart of Old Town, you will find Calhoun Street on the right. Calhoun is the main shopping street in Old Town. There are art galleries, Spartina Flagship store, many small boutiques, the Cottage (breakfast, brunch), Distillery (brunch and dinner), The Pearl, and deadends at the Church of the Cross and the May River dock.

The sunrise and sunset at any dock in
the Lowcountry will not disappoint!

You will also find a small pocket park opposite the church. If you’re lucky enough to visit at sunrise or sunset, you can take some of the most spectacular pictures in the entire Lowcountry. The sun looks as if it melts into the water, and the colors of the sky and water collide into perfect hues of orange, red, and lilac.

If you were to turn right (at The Corner Perk), you would go into what is called “The Promenade.” This area is full of stores, businesses, and restaurants. You will find Captain Woody’s, Calhoun’s, Cork, The Bluffton Room, Ben & Jerry’s, The Farm, and Bluffton Inn, to name a few. Just on the outskirts of the Promenade, more restaurants can be found. Toomers is owned by the same people who own the Bluffton Oyster Factory, and they have some of the freshest catch around.

Stop and take time to explore both sides of Old Town Bluffton and the side streets leading into this main corridor.

Once you’ve finished exploring, continue to head down May River Road and turn left at the stop sign (the Nickel Pumper will be in front of you). This is the intersection of May River Road and 46. If you were to go straight here, you would pass The Nickel Pumper, Joe’s Icecream and Beverage Co., and eventually end up at Alljoy Boat Landing.

The Montage at Palmetto Bluff is an exclusive resort hotel. It’s where Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin were married.

If you look right from the Boat Landing, at low tide, you will see the infamous sandbar where boats park at low tide, and people gather on the sandbar until the tide takes their playground away.

May River Sandbar is a playground for boaters. But once the tide comes up, the playground disappears until the low tide returns.

Heading down 46 towards 278, you will pass the Promenade on the left, Nectar on the right, and eventually see another area that looks similar to the Promenade on the right. This area has businesses, a few restaurants, the library, and the post office. Continue down the road, and before the traffic circle, you will see Burnt Church Distillery. This is definitely worth a stop. Even if you are not interested in their whiskey, rum, and vodka, the architecture is well worth the photo op.

Burnt Church Distillery is a must-stop on
the tour.

Moving through the traffic circle, you take the second exit to remain on 46. You will see Sams Club and Walmart on the left and Target on the right. Continue to the toplight at the intersection of 278 and 46.

Hilton Head is shaped like a shoe, but
the road is a loop that takes you back
to where you started.
Hilton Head Island

Turn right onto 278 and head east towards Hilton Head. You will pass Colleton River Club on the left, The Tanger Outlets on the right, and Moss Creek on the Left. Continue over the bridge onto Hilton Head Island.

You’ll find all of the hidden gems on the roads off of 278. For this tour, we will take the business side of 278 (not Cross Island) when the road splits. We will tour from right to left and return to the starting point by taking Cross Island Parkway.

Traveling down 278, you will see a sign for Hudson’s on the left. This road will take you to Hudson’s, Skull Creek Boathouse, Dockside, and an extremely popular area for eating, boating, and photo ops.

Once again, if you hit it at sunset, you’ll have some awesome photos. You’ll also see dolphins and an alligator who like to swim in the brackish water here. (Most alligators do not like salt water).

Sunset at Skull Creek Boathouse. The more
clouds, the prettier the sky!

Down just a bit further on 278, you will see Spanish Wells on the right. Continue in the right lanes and take the business loop for 278 (not Cross Island Pkwy). You will pass a lot of stores and eateries that can be seen from the street. Once you get to Folly Field, you will be in the beach area.

If you turn left onto Folly Field, there is public parking and a boardwalk to the beach. Parking is $1.00 per hour, and there are public restrooms. Once on the beach, if you walk right, you will see Jamaica Joez restaurant. It’s a fun and reasonably priced beach bar.

Jamaica Joez is a great place to sit under an umbrella and enjoy a frozen concoction.

Passing Folly Field, the next street on the left takes you to Dreissen Beach. There are more public parking spaces here, costing $0.50 per hour. This is a much larger parking area and beach house than found at Folly Field, but the walk to the beach is a little longer on the boardwalk. Driessen Beach Park also has a playground, picnic pavilions, and a grilling station.

Continuing, you will pass Chaplin Park and Singleton Beach. Then, you will approach the infamous Palmetto Dunes. On the left is Palmetto Dunes and on the right is Shelter Cove. Both have public areas to enjoy everything Hilton Head has to offer. In Palmetto Dunes, you will find an Outfitter where you can take out Kayaks and sign up for tours as well as rent bicycles. At Shelter Cove on the right, there is another Outfitter, shopping, great restaurants, a park that often hosts special events, and beautiful views of Broad Creek.

Keep going on 278, and you’ll find Shipyard on the left and Long Cove and Wexford on the right. Continue to the traffic circle and take the 3rd exit off of the traffic circle (Pope Ave) to go to Coligny.

Coligny is the main public beach on Hilton
Head Island. There are shops, restaurants, the
Tiki Bar at the Beachhouse (Holiday Inn),
Celebration Park, and lots of free public
beach parking.

When you come to the end of Pope, you will see the beach parking on the right. If you were to turn right onto South Forest Beach (just past the parking), you will go into Sea Pines. For a small fee, you can spend the day in Sea Pines. There is a public beach, The Salty Dog, and Harbour Town, where you’ll find the Hilton Head Lighthouse.

If it’s a nice day and you’re up for a hike, don’t pass up the Sea Pines Nature Preserve. A walk on the boardwalk over the rice fields gives a sense of Hilton Heads yesteryear full of wildlife, including rare birds.

For a small fee, you can spend the day in Sea
Pines. There is a public beach, The Salty Dog, and
Harbour Town, where you’ll find the Hilton Head

Back to the traffic circle at Pope. If you went to Coligny, go back to Pope and take the 2nd exit off the traffic circle. If you did not go to Coligny and are still on 278, take the 1st exit onto Pope, heading west. Continue, and you’ll go over a large bridge. Under the bridge, you can see a Marina (Palmetto Bay Marina). Keep going, and you will eventually end up at the split on 278 where you started.

Burnt Church Distillery is a must-stop on the tour.

Leaving the Island, pay attention to the Pickney Wildlife Refuge after you pass across the first bridge. This has miles and miles of walking and bike trails that take you up close and personal with nature and primitive Hilton Head. There is plenty of parking but bring comfortable shoes, lots of water, and bug spray.

Heading west on 278 towards I-95, stop and check out some of the places you may have missed on the way down. And, if you get lost anywhere on the self-guided tour, remember the area is pretty much like a grid. May River Road, Bluffton Parkway, and 278 all run east and west, so turning down almost any main street will take you back to one of them.

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